headshotWelcome to my lightly-used website. After making the blog private and migrating my entire old animal blog here a few years ago, I’ve basically left it alone. So now that I’m dusting it off for public consumption again, and since most visitors will likely have never been to this URL, I thought I’d offer a bit of intro.

First off, I don’t intend to make this site into A Weighty and Momentous Destination, or anything like that. This isn’t me rejoining the blogosphere to weigh in on animal rights, politics, or any ongoing theme. I may occasionally add new thoughts onto the old blog to free them up from the confines of Facebook or some other members-only site, or just because. It may good to have someplace more public than a place like Facebook or even Twitter just to public something I’d like to share, but they may not always be thoughts related to animal rights or veganism, and this isn’t a commitment to posting on some schedule. There won’t be much in the way of fresh content. If you do subscribe to the blog, you will of course be notified whenever it is updated. Meantime, here is a brief rundown on what you’ll find here:

1. The blog. I sifted through several hundreds of posts from my old blog, An Animal-Friendly Life, and permanently deleted or hid the majority of them. Those remaining are dated from 2005-2008. I left in a number of ‘questionable’ posts for the sake of posterity/amusement, and to give you some sense of my development when it comes to thinking about animal ethics, in case you’re interested. But the rest have been archived or vaporized to spare you some faulty thinking and lots of boredom. Many of those posts were based on current events that are far from current now. For my current position on animal ethics, simply visit bostonvegan.org. I don’t really know where this the blog going to go, if anywhere–I’m not much interested in blogging the way I frequently did when I ran An Animal-Friendly Life–but I do feel like I sorta need a place to collect some things online. So the blog, along with the site, will probably evolve as my needs evolve, and as I learn from others what they’d like to see here. Poke around, let me know what you think.

2. Short Story: Harrison’s Worth. I wrote this in 2013, initially sparked by a call for entries for animal-related writing. I’ve decided to share it here so that it would be available to anyone from just about anywhere, as I don’t see the benefit of having it trapped in a book or even an e-book. It’s short enough to easily read off the web on a computer, tablet, or even a phone. Let me know what you think. Maybe I’ll do this with more stories in the future. I wrote another one a few years ago that isn’t quite as developed, and is perhaps a bit goofy, but maybe I could post it here, too, if the response to Harrison’s Worth is positive.

3. Projects. You’ll notice that this home page isn’t really an “About” page. It’s more of an orientation to the site. If you want to have some sense of what I’m up to, visit the Projects page. You want to know more about me, personally? I’ll skip the full bio treatment but here’s the nutshell version:

I grew up an army brat. Even after that ended (divorce, go figure), I fell into the routine of frequent moves, even if the move was just to another part of town. I spent the largest chunk of time in Southern California, which is probably still my favorite part of the U.S. in certain respects, though the Bay Area is pretty amazing (don’t feel spurned Manhattan, I still love you).

Rather than, you know, choosing a career, I’ve spent my all-too-many years since I was a teenager holding all-too-many different kinds of jobs, from my countless gigs in food and beverage service to investment banking, to working in Hollywood in the various fields of business affairs, post-production sound, script development, and production. I’ve tried my hand at doing things on my own, as an actor-writer-director-producer, and as a business owner. I currently fix computers about 40 hours a week to help pay for the house that my wife and I are buying (a proposition that continually manages to strike me as a little insane, despite my complete lack of interest in continuing to pay rent in a place that doesn’t even have parking). Outside of the “day job,” I am working setting up another vegan business, and I spend a fair amount of time every month doing grassroots abolitionist vegan advocacy and working to expand the reach of that advocacy internationally (more to come).

I live in the Boston area mainly so that my wife can best pursue her career in cancer research. We have been vegan and married since 2002, in that order. We both enjoy traveling, whether in the region or internationally. We have rescued four cats, but they are the only dependents we have as of now.

4. I have provided a couple of Very Important FAQs for both non-vegans and vegans. Take a look. They are repurposed from bostonvegan.org, but if you haven’t read them, you should.

My vegan story? I first heard about the abolitionist approach to animal rights in late 2006. It took me over two years to really get to the heart of what it meant to live consistently with that approach, which I’ve endeavored to do ever since (it’s the approach that informs the work I do with the BVA). I started doing activist work in 2004, roughly, but it wasn’t until I came across the abolitionist approach that the term ‘animal rights’ even meant anything coherent. The big change in my life that led to all this was my becoming vegan on April 20, 2002. I don’t meet a lot of people who did it this way, but once I got an eyeful of the realities of animal use and learned about veganism, I went vegan on the spot. I challenge every non-vegan who is reading this to just do it. It’s not as hard as you’re making it out to be in your head. If I can go vegan immediately, anyone can. Feel free to ask me for advice. I mean it.

Finally, I know you don’t want to bookmark this site. I wouldn’t, either. I almost never look at a bookmark after I’ve created it. Do you? You may have also given up on RSS (I’m still hanging in there). But if you’re interested in staying in touch, in a more modern way, I’ve set the blog to cross-post entries to Facebook and Twitter. Any other content is not likely to change. If I add important menu items, I’ll try to remember to say something about it.

See you around,


Questions? Complaints? I can be reached by email.