AAFL is making its debut foremost as a blog oriented toward leading an animal friendly life. Over time it will incorporate the elements that inspired me to create it: primarily animal-friendly listings (and possibly boycott or “blacklists”) in various categories of businesses, products and services, such as restaurants, personal care, entertainment, and so on. As these lists become reasonably useful, they will begin to appear at the site as subwebs linked from this main page, which will be updated frequently as I come across items that inspire comment regarding their friendliness (or antagonism) toward animals.

Some observations may seem over-sensitive at first, and some items will inevitably fall through the cracks, but an essential part of generating awareness of animal suffering in the world is thoughtful scrutiny of our current memes and paradigms, so stick with me. I’ll try to keep this from being entirely academic!

Not content to let anything remain static in form, much less content, the site will likely evolve in exciting ways as I incorporate other points of view and features. So while I do not intend for this to be the most comprehensive site on animal-friendly living ever, it will continually grow — particularly with visitor input and my own compulsive edification. I hope that you’ll join me on this journey and contribute to its success!

Best wishes,

Eric Prescott
An Animal Friendly Life


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