Heat Causes Pileup of Livestock Carcasses

ABC News

I suppose this will come off as the vegan-skewed perception that it probably is, but that doesn’t make it any less true: If people didn’t eat cow flesh, then these animals wouldn’t have been bred only to die off in massive numbers due to the heat.

Of course, this registers as little more than a financial loss to mention those that own the cows, and they’ve been trying to offset their losses by dumping the carcasses on rendering plants to turn them into pet food. But even those plants are overwhelmed. Fresno county declared an emergency — its first — when a plant that handles most of its dead animals broke down, and several counties followed:

The declarations allow dead livestock to be dumped in landfills something usually outlawed because of health risks.

“But what can we do? We have to weigh the possible contamination to ground water versus piles of dead cows stinking and attracting flies,” said Phil Larson, chairman of the Fresno County Board of Supervisors.

The California Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines for disposing of the dead livestock allow farmers to have carcasses hauled to a landfill by licensed handlers or to compost the animals on their own property by burying them in manure, which evidently is common in other states. Mass graves…

Another county that has declared an emergency, San Joaquin is losing 120 cows per day from the heat and could lose about 2 percent of their herd this year, according to industry experts. While that’s a disturbing number of animals, bear in mind that “Hundreds of thousands of chickens and turkeys also have died,” and that’s the only mention they get in the article.


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