‘Cousins’ at War: Baboons vs. People

ABC News

It’s easy for most of us to forget that our ancestors lived much more closely with wildlife from day to day. But the fact is that many people still do. And, as the human population continues to grow and expand, we will see more stories about habitat conflicts between human and non-human animals.

As that occurs, everyone should bear in mind this vital quote from Jenni Trehowen of Baboon Matters:

“You don’t have to like baboons. You certainly don’t have to like bears or coyotes like you’ve got in America, but if you could learn to accept that they are here, and they have a right to be here.”

She added, “What small steps do we need to adjust in our lives so that we can actually all enjoy the planet together, rather than thinking we are the dominant species therefore we own it all.”


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