New AAFL column launched at

Many of you may remember Vegan Pr0n, now known as Taste Better!

Jason Doucette’s site is feature-packed, having expanded well beyond its initial scope to include a number of columns, now including one by me, which launched today with an essay called “The Power of Privilege.” I hope you’ll click through to give it a read and share your comments.

Taste Better still centers around Jason’s witty takes on current animal- and veg-related events, which I have read with much amusement for some time. I’ve always enjoyed how he can take crappy news and find something funny to say about it. I think humor is something we could all use more of. That said, I like that Jason is increasing the variety of information and voices at his site, and I am pleased to be a part of it.

My monthly AAFL contribution to Taste Better is where you’ll find longer exploration of ideas on my mind that don’t necessarily fit the format here. Whereas this site is more of a journal with the occasional news commentary, reviews and so forth, you’re going to find a bit more reflection over there. The monthly cycle gives me the opportunity to actually take a topic, consider it more thoughtfully, and take the time to rewrite it enough that (hopefully) it’s more like an article than an off-the-cuff blog entry. I hope you enjoy it, and I encourage and look forward to your feedback. Also, if you have an idea for a column you’d like me to consider, please let me know.


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