Two pigs better than none?

I’m seeing Verlyn Klinkenborg’s New York Times opinion piece, Two Pigs discussed all over the place these past two days, so I’m not going to add any additional commentary in this space. However, I thought I’d share the letter I sent yesterday:

I have an intellectual exercise for your readers. Let’s substitute “dog” for “pig” in every sentence of Two Pigs (Opinion, Oct. 25, 2007) and see if people respond so romantically to Klinkenborg’s ode to killing.

Be sure that your letter to the editor includes your full name, address, email, current location (where the letter is being written from), and day and evening phone numbers so that you can be reached in the event they consider your letter for publication.



  1. Er, perhaps a link to the piece would be in order for those of us who <>haven’t<> seen it discussed previously, so we don’t have to go digging through the NYT site? (particularly if anyone reads this post way after the fact)

  2. It is linked. Just click on the title of the blog entry. But, just in case you’re not the only one who has this issue, I will link the story in the entry itself, too.

  3. Whoops! Thank you. I’m old-school–I assumed the title of the post was the permalink to the post, not to the article. I still get confused by the dizzying array of buttons showing up increasingly @ the bottom of blog posts these days, where I see your permalinks reside. 😉

  4. What a silly, silly thing to write about. Thanks for sending your letter in. I hope it gets printed and gives folks something to think about.

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