Vegan fashion

I’ve set up a new Style section under my links, which right now includes Swanky Veg and the Vegan Fashion Blog. I’ve also added new a link (under “Clothing” in the Shopping category) to Jaan J., a company that sells luxury satin (and soon cotton) ties at a reasonable price. According to their site, “Jaan J. caters to the needs of those who appreciate quality vegan ties and cotton ties because they do not wear silk for health or personal reasons.”

I ordered one of these for myself, and I love it. I only paid $33.50 for the tie itself (pictured left), with another $6.50 for shipping from California to Massachusetts.

Unfortunately, vegan ties can be very difficult to find when shopping in traditional brick & mortar stores, which is one reason I hadn’t bought a new tie in about 6 years. How nice to finally find a retailer who not only carries non-silk ties, but also embraces a vegan philosophy! I’ll be buying more ties here as needed. I hope you’ll do the same.

Speaking of vegan fashion, I’m hoping to visit the new MooShoes location when I visit New York next week. I’ll try to remember to take some halfway decent pictures of my trip to share here when I return. Regular blogging should pick up again after the new year.



  1. Thanks for the info on ties. It’s cool that Jaan J. caters to vegans.One nice thing about ordering ties through the mail is that (at least for me) they always fit. It’s not like ordering shoes. Occasionally I check out the ties at, because they have a few nice non-silk ties, but the site is filled with calfskin, shearling, etc., so I don’t like visiting there, much less giving them money. has a decent selection of non-silk ties. Some are more novelty than dress.But going forward definitely I’ll check out Jaan J.

  2. Nice Fashion Blog. I just received my Narrow Cotton Tie from < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Jaan J. – The Home of Non Silk Cotton Ties<>. It wears great =)

  3. Thanks for this post. Came across youre blog some time back and then purchased some jaanj ties. Great stuff man. No more endless searching for me. I’ve found the motherload. Pretty inexpensive too.

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