Happy meat reaches its apex

If you thought the “happy meal” Good Magazine cover was disturbing, wait until you see this Toronto Life magazine article (WARNING: corpses suspended in the background of the photo leading this article). 2008 appears to be the year that happy meat reaches its zenith.
If this doesn't bother you (and, please, really?), just try reading the article while replacing descriptions of other animals with human beings. This is where welfare or humane reforms are taking us. The author of this article has written a number of “foodie” articles for the magazine, on butter, meat, dairy, what have you, even while recognizing that animals are not mere steaks on legs. As long as the mindset continues that nonhuman animals are ours to do as we please, we will only be pushing further and further into this territory.
It's so important that our work focus on the rights of animals to not be treated as property. Recognizing them as more than things but still keeping them property results in them continuing to be used for our own purposes. They are brought into the world by humans almost like some sort of cruel joke. Because, as soon as the time is economically most beneficial, each of these beings is snuffed out and turned into a product. Regardless of how well they are treated in the interim, there is nothing happy or humane about that.

One comment

  1. “In theory, I love the idea of nose-to-tail eating. It’s the least we can do for a creature that gives its life to feed us.”The least you can do is NOT eat the animals that is NOT GIVING its life to you. You are TAKING its life without choice regardless of if you treat it right. I’m tired of people making excuses and thinking they have righted their argument to eat free range and local.

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