Vegan: It’s what’s for dinner – "reinventing the quiche"

Here’s a rare post that may not actually turn any of my friends into enemies! (frenemies?)

I’ve been cooking a lot more in recent months, which has been a surprising source of amusement for me, especially since the food continues to turn out miraculously well, despite my complete lack of culinary training. I have to give all the credit to delightful cookbooks like the ones you see on page 2 of the Amazon Widget over in the sidebar (you know, until I redesign the site again).

This evening I made “reinventing the quiche,” from page 144 of The Quick-Fix Vegetarian. It was super-delish, and looked pretty tantalizing out of the oven, too. It’s a shame my Canon PowerShot A75 is dying a sad and ugly death (and so prematurely!), which means this picture does not quite do it justice. I hope you get the idea. I know I’m looking forward to leftovers tomorrow.

Vegan Veggie Quiche
For dessert: Snickerdoodle Purely Decadent (It’s so new, along with Key Lime Pie, that I can’t even find it on their website!)

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  1. Finally bought “instant” yeast on Sunday, so not yet. I couldn’t find any .25 oz packets, so I had to buy a massive 16oz lump! It was pricey. Can’t wait to try them. Hopefully this weekend!

  2. I know it’s too late to tell you this, but “Rapid-Rise” is the same as “instant” and actually “Bread machine yeast” is also the same. That probably would have helped, huh? You should be able to get it a Star Market or Shaws.Is it too late to take back the expensive yeast?

  3. Nope! I haven’t opened it yet, and I still have my receipt, so I’ll take it back and try to find the “rapid rise”. The place I is pretty small, so I may have to try Shaws or Stop-N-Shop, which aren’t far.

  4. Eric – I also found that cooking from vegan cookbooks made me, a cooking disaster, an excellent cook. :3 You will see your results improve tenfold soon, I promise!

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