Vegan brunch

I had brunch at a new Boston area restaurant today, Vej Naturals, and very much enjoyed my Southern Platter…

(Pan-fried seitan cutlet served with Home-style Gravy, scrambled tofu, grits, and greens)

…and the bites of French Toast my friend (the photographer, Laureen) was kind enough to share with me:

(Sliced bread dipped in a sweet cashew milk, grilled then topped with fresh fruit and whipped “cream”)

Just a brief reminder how, ahem, “deprived” vegans are.

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  1. I can’t believe that place has an extremely black void to take pictures of food in…. pretty classy šŸ™‚Were the tablecloths especially ugly?

  2. Okay, I lived in Boston/Cambridge for 7 years. I moved Sept 2007. Why didn’t they come BEFORE I left that place? Wah!!! Okay, I’ll stop complaining…I’m glad you have vegan brunch options. As much as I love Veggie Planet, we needed more variety of restaurants there.Breeze HarperSistah Vegan Project

  3. I am thankful everyday that I am enlightened and am VEGAN. I am horrified that my enlightment and awakening finds me here, on this plant, surrounded by humans that do unspeakable, horrific things to animals and other humans. I cant bear to even know of the cruelties that happen every second of every day..everywhere. When my time comes to die, I will be relieved.

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