Friends of Animals

Heifer International responds

I don’t think Heifer International’s Ray White is a very careful reader…

It says right at the top of my recent post in response to Seventh Generation’s giving recommendations that my name is Eric (I’m male), but maybe that part wasn’t forwarded to him by Seventh Generation?

At any rate, Seventh Generation has picked up on my entry and invited Heifer International to respond at their blog. Unfortunately, the response seems to have missed the fact that I did propose alternatives, and that I referred readers to a piece from Daniel Hammer at Friends of Animals that highlights some of their problematic activities apart from simply sending animals around the world to be used by people and training them how best to exploit them for more “sustainable” and reliable living in poverty-stricken areas.

The argument also misses the fundamental basis for why I object to the gift recommendation in the first place: It reinforces the notion that cows are livestock meant for human consumption, that our ability to dominate them gives us the right to do so, and that our needs outweigh theirs.

Take a look, and please jump on in with both feet to respond if you have something valuable to contribute. I know that I could not have been as comprehensive as possible, though I’m glad Mr. White feels that my original response “is the most reasonable-sounding objection to our work from the animal-rights position I have ever seen,” but perhaps he needs to hear more, because he seems to have glossed over some important details in my original post when writing his bit of PR for the Inspired Protagonist blog.